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Aurora Magdalena von Qvanten


Author, translator, artist

Aurora von Qvanten was an author, a translator, and an artist.

Aurora Magdalena von Qvanten was born in Piteå in 1816. She was the daughter of Carl Jacob Örnberg, the town mayor and magistrate’s assistant, and Helena Catharina Degerman. Aurora von Qvanten married Erik von Qvanten in 1853. Her husband, who was of Finnish noble ancestry, served as King Karl XV’s librarian from 1864–1872. He was also active as a publicist. The couple had no children.

Aurora von Qvanten released her first two publications anonymously in 1856. These were two story-collections, entitled Smått och gott and När och fjerran: roande berättelse för barn från nio till fjorton års ålder. She also wrote literary material for adults, including articles published in Tidskrift för hemmet. Her translation work includes a range of items, such as George Eliot’s En kärlekshistoria as well as brief short-stories and Maria Louise Ramé’s Mott och mal. Further, she translated plays from French which were then performed at the Dramaten theatre. She is best known for her translation of the great epic story Tusen och en natt. Her monologue entitled Tanten had its premiered at the Södra theatre in 1860. Aurora von Qvanten was also active as an artist and, like many others, painted the singer Jenny Lind’s portrait.

Aurora von Qvanten and her husband were active philanthropists and lead comparatively simple lives. Towards the end of their lives the couple moved to Capri. Aurora von Qvanten returned to Stockholm following her husband’s death in Capri in 1903.

Aurora von Qvanten died in 1907.

Charlott Neuhauser
(Translated by Alexia Grosjean)

Published 2018-03-08

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Other Names

    Maiden name: Örnberg
    Alternate name: von Quanten
    Signature: e-n
    Pseudonym: Turdus Merula

Family Relationships

Civil Status: Widow
  • Mother: Helena Catharina Degerman
  • Father: Carl Jacob Örnberg
  • Husband: Emil von Qvanten


  • Privatundervisning i hemmet, Piteå


  • Profession: Översättare
  • Profession: Författare, pjäsförfattare
  • Profession: Konstnär
  • Non-profit work: Filantropisk verksamhet


  • Colleague: Fredrika Bremer
  • Colleague: Anne Charlotte Leffler
  • Friend: Karl XV, kung av Sverige och Norge
  • Friend: Jenny Lind


  • Birthplace: Piteå
  • Piteå
  • Stockholm
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  • Söderlind, Solfrid, 'Koltrastens syn på näktergalen: Aurora von Qvanten och bilden av Jenny Lind', Konsthistorisk tidskrift, 1991 (60:2), s. [130]-139, 1991

Further References