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Ingeborg Maria Thorin


Portrait photographer, donor

Ingeborg Thorin was a portrait photographer. She took over her father’s atelier in Åtvidaberg and after her death left behind her own and her father’s photo collections in the Thorinska photo archive.

Ingeborg Thorin was born in 1896, the eldest daughter of Elin and Johan Emanuel Thorin. Her father was a schoolteacher and photographer in Åtvidaberg. Even as a child, Ingeborg Thorin was allowed to spend time in her father’s atelier during the summer holidays. Her three younger siblings had to help pull the cart with photography equipment when their father had to go out on a photography assignment. However, since Ingeborg Thorin had been born with a heart defect, indoor work in the atelier suited her better. She acquired insight into the photography profession by assisting in the atelier, and also acquired a feeling for the profession. In 1915, she travelled to Hudiksvall to become an apprentice to the photographer Inga Undén, who had previously worked in Thorin’s atelier in Åtvidaberg. She also attended photography courses in Stockholm and Malmö. In 1917, she started working seriously in her father’s studio with portrait photography. Since she did not enjoy full health, she had a great deal of help from his photography assistants.

Ingeborg Thorin was a skillful and artistic portrait photographer. In the Thorinska photo archive, that has been saved after the deaths of Johan Emanuel and Ingeborg Thorin, it is difficult to distinguish their respective portrait photos from each other.

Ingeborg Thorin was a cheerful and humorous person who always had something to say to help her clients to look natural. Many of them were confirmation classes and classes of school-leavers from the secondary school, who took a detour to be photographed in Thorin’s atelier before continuing on to their respective homes.

Thorin’s Atelier closed in 1967, when Ingeborg Thorin was 71 years of age. She had looked after her father’s large photo collection as well as her own production up until then. For that, she was awarded the cultural scholarship of the Lions Clubs in Åtvidaberg in 1968. Along with her siblings, she organised things so that the Thorinska archive was taken in hand by the Åtvidaberg municipality, the association Hembygdsföreningen in the town and the Östergötland county museum.

Ingeborg Thorin died in 1979.

Gunvor Vretblad
(Translated by Margaret Myers)

Published 2021-02-23

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Family Relationships

Civil Status: Unmarried
  • Mother: Elin Karolina Thorin, född Eriksson
  • Father: Johan Emanuel Thorin
  • Sister: Gerda Cecilia Thorin, gift Gustafsson
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  • Folkskola, Åtvidaberg, Högre folkskolan
  • Läroverk, Västervik: Realexamen, Västerviks flickläroverk
  • Yrkesutbildning, Hudiksvall: Fotografisk lärling hos Inga Undén
  • Yrkesutbildning, Stockholm: Yrkesskola


  • Profession: Porträttfotograf, Ateljé Thorin


  • Mentor: Inga Undén


  • Svenska Fotografernas Förbund (SFF, nuvarande Svenska Fotografers Förbund)
    Medlem, Östra kretsen


  • Birthplace: Åtvidaberg
  • Åtvidaberg
  • Hudiksvall
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Ingeborg Thorin. Photographer and year unknown (privately owned image)
Ingeborg Thorin. Photographer and year unknown (privately owned image)


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